We are now engaged…

Every time I see a new video of some town hall meeting I can’t help but notice how “average” everyone looks. All these average looking, hard working Americans are mad, mad as hell and people are finally speaking up. As my wife said to me last night, “I feel an uprising”. We all feel it, and we like it. It’s a return to the way things are supposed to be; citizens getting involved in the business of how our nation is being led. People walking around with the Gadsden flag, chanting, would have been looked on a model citizens and patriots a few hundred years ago.

Now? We’re considered a mob. An unruly mob that is being organized by the Republicans and the evil insurance companies; an astroturf movement only. Well that’s all bullshit. Barbara Boxer says that it’s all organized “to hurt our president”. She couldn’t be more wrong. Don’t misunderstand me, I hope the president fails. I hope he fails miserably so he and those like him that would seek to thrust government control into every aspect of our lives would think long and hard about the cost of such a war. A war to try and change the fabric of America. No, this is about people getting involved as we should have been all along. It’s about be vigilant  and remembering that so long as Congress is in session, our liberties are not safe. Do not let this cock and bull story dissuade you from participating in preserving your freedoms.

A lack of representation has stirred the sleeping giant that is the American people and now they’re scared, and they have reason to be. We are the ones that hold the power to appoint them. We are the ones who hold the power to destroy their careers. As Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people there is liberty.” Well, it’s time for a little liberty, make ’em shit their pants friends.

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