Nationalized healthcare? You’ve been warned…

I emailed back and forth with one of my friends in the UK (whom I have a lot of respect for) and he seems to think their healthcare system isn’t so bad. I started questioning the countless horror stories I had heard from countries around the world who have government-run healthcare (this was back when HR 3200 came to light and Obama really started pushing for it). Despite my friend’s anecdotal evidence that the system worked, I had to side with the Constitution and all those other horror stories. America doesn’t want or need a government option.

One member of a forum I frequent commented that they were going to get involved in preserving the freedom of Americans:

I was also thinking of starting a nonprofit organization to help relocate people who want to live in socialism/communism. It would accept donations to buy a one way plane ticket and citizenship in a socialist/communist country of the persons choice. Why change America when there are already countrys like that? Think it would work?

I think it might be worth a try; there’s a place for everyone in this world. Not everyone has the intestinal fortitude to endure the harsh realities of liberty. Perhaps you statists would be happier elsewhere?

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