What could be more American?…

What could be more American that baseball?

Looks like he came prepared.

Well now, in case anyone was wondering whether it was still appropriate to stand up for your rights and question what the government is doing; it’s not. You’ve been branded “un-American” by both Pelosi and Reid and racist by the state-run media. Of course it wasn’t long ago at a Netroots Nation conference that Pelosi was encouraging everyone to be “persistent, dissatisfied, and relentless…”. Well that sort of response is only appropriate if your walking in lockstep with the statist’s agenda.

Interesting report from Rasmussen, only 14% of likely voters give Congress good or excellent ratings this month. That’s down four points from June, nine points from May, and is the lowest rating measured for the legislators since February. Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters say Congress is doing a poor job, up nine points since June. Sounds like most of America is fed up with all this non-sense.

No, keep organizing friends, keep showing up to those meetings, keep calling your congressmen/women and keep emailing the President (be nice- you don’t need the secret service knocking at you door). For too long we haven’t spoken up. We were content to live under the roots of this soft tyranny we now find ourselves in, but no longer. This statism is directly opposed to the fabric of America and we can’t stomach it anymore. Talk to your friends and family, your co-workers and neighbors about all this. You can be sure that the unions are out trying to cover everyones eyes (and getting paid for it!) and the media won’t report truthfully; so we have to keep at it! These could be the events that serve to renew our nation under it founding principles. As Jefferson said,

Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.

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