A letter from Obama…

I wrote the White House several weeks ago voicing my concerns over a government-run healthcare option. This was all before the highlights of the bill were understood and HR 3200 was still in committee. Here’s what the office of the President has to say…

Dear Friend:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I
have heard from many Americans regarding health
insurance reform, and I appreciate your perspective.

I am committed to making my Administration the
most open and transparent in history, and part of delivering
on that promise is hearing from people like you. I take
seriously your opinions and respect your point of view on
this important issue. Please know that your concerns will
be on my mind in the days ahead.

To get the facts on my proposed health insurance
reforms, I encourage you to visit:
http://www.whitehouse.gov/realitycheck. Thank you again for


Barack Obama

After visiting Reality Check, I’m convinced there’s no reality to be found there at all. Topics addressed include… “Reform will stop “rationing” – not increase it, The “euthanasia” distortion on help for families, Vets’ health care is safe and sound, Reform will benefit small business – not burden it, and You can keep your own insurance”
We’re getting to the point where we cannot trust anything that comes out of the White House. Obama and his staff are blatantly lying to the American people and the kicker is; now we’re wise to his wiley ways. The people that are showing up to the townhalls are more informed that their congressmen and it shows. You can come to the meeting and read directly from the bill and they would still deny what you’ve said as a vicious rumor that the Republicans had crafted to destroy the bill, please the big-bad corporations to the determinant of the American people and tarnish the the great name their beloved President. That old “Knowledge is power” thing, I think there’s something to that. Keep learning and remember…make ’em shit their pants friends.


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2 responses to “A letter from Obama…

  1. Ush

    Interesting to read your blog.

    It reads exactly the same as democrats blogs when you had the Bush administration. Ah well. The only difference I see on “Reality Check” is that it’s there to read – whether it’s true or not. Last 8 years I found it hard to find anything.

    The human race is always the same. Give it 4 years, tables will turn again, and the ping pong game starts afresh.

  2. 1776minuteman

    Glad you enjoy it. Blah, blah, Bush my friend. The GOP was hardly upholding the banner of Conservatism so like I said, blah, blah, Bush.

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