Camelot sham-a-lot…

Am I supposed to be sad at Ted Kennedy’s passing? He had a family, so that’s sad, but what has he done that’s worth all this fanfare? Is it the fact he’s been in the freaking Congress all his life? I’m for term limits personally. I don’t care if he reached across the aisle to come up with No Child Left Behind or any other botched legislation. What about the alcoholism, Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechne? Can someone on CNN please say something that makes a little freaking sense- stop glamorizing everything you shameless pricks! It’s all a bit too familiar isn’t it? Weren’t we all just forced to live through this kind of thing with Michael Jackson? What a brilliant star, performer and… child molester. Damn I feeling cynical right now, must be the carbs talking. My apologies.


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